About Brute

Blake & Laura Yarber

Blake, born and raised in California is a Professional Paintballer, world traveler, Carpenter and all round outdoorsman.

Laura, grew up in Europe, has traveled the world and has always had a passion for Health & Wellness, diving into Homeopathy and natural medicines and remedies.

The name Brute came about because of Blakes aggression on the paintball field, sometimes being known as a bully but even Brutes need to take care of themselves.

We spend as much time as we can outdoors and know how hard it is to find a great product to fulfil all your needs. Blake spends a considerable amount of the year out of his paintball gear bag. 

We noticed a gap that needed filling and that's great products for the Paintball or traveling world. It's easy to pick up something that was made cheap and not made to last you a long period of time or be any good for your health but we want to change that!

We want to become a space where you can buy convenient traveling products for you and your family, that you can rely on, feel great about using and use for the long run.

Our aim is to produce and sell products proudly made in the U.S.A. with care.

The first stop has been Sun screen, made in Michigan, where we currently live. We work closely with a company that have been producing sun screens and balms with such care and enthusiasm for using good ingredients. The skin is the largest organ of the body and we need to take care to protect it and not drench it in chemicals. Our Sun screen also protects our waterways and oceans from pollutants and reef altering chemicals.

Keep up to date with us as we release new products over the coming months.

We hope you'll love our products as much as we do!





Here you'll find our trusted Vendors. We appreciate them all for the support and desire to get better products out to you all! Check them out and see if anyone is near you.

Shoot us a message if you want to be one of our Vendors.


The best team in the business. Add Brute Sunscreen to your cart along with a team shirt


Lone Wolf Paintball

One of the best online Paintball stores in the world! Buying a gun? Grab some sunscreen for all those drills you should be doing in the sun.

Where can you find Brute products? - Lonewolfpaintball .COM



Grab a SunPack before heading to the field! Only Available in store.

5390 Harrisburg Pike, Grove City, OH 43123


Matrix Gear

Find our products with Matrix Gear and the WCPPL events!

Available at WCPPL Events only.

Matrix Gear USA

Outlaw Anodizing

Get your Ano done AND grab some sunscreen!

Available in store and at Bunkerfest events!

11806 North Garden St, Houston, Texas 77071

Outlaw Anodizing

Annandale Paintball

Just West of the Twin cities in Minnesota, play for the day and stay protected with Brute sunscreen. Buy it on site or they also offer shipping!

13659 100th St NW, South Haven, MN 55382

Annandale Paintball

Precision Paintball

Check out the best all grass turf you'll ever play on and keep sun safe with the best sunscreen you'll ever use!

18181 Asketum Branch Rd, Georgetown, DE 19947

Precision Paintball