Made for life's adventures, to keep you in the adventure

Brute was born out of a need to fill our gear bags with high quality gear. We want only the best products, best ingredients and best tools for our every day.

We are focused on purchasing and manufacturing here in the USA where we have a closer relationship with the products and manufacturers.

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  • Steve S.

    I love the sunscreen. It spreads so easily. I stopped using creams because of the thickness and pain in the neck to spread so I was using aerosols, inhaling all those chemicals while applying it. Now with Brute I’m back to a cream. Not only is it an easy spreading cream but it lasts too and it’s all natural so no gunky sticky feeling on your skin. I don’t have to wash my hands after putting on sunscreen anymore. I gave each of my family members a Sun Pack for Christmas and they all were excited to get it. The Sun stick and lip balm are both right there in quality as the Sun screen. Not to mention you won’t find nicer people than Blake and Laura Yarber.

  • Abe P

    I traveled to Florida to watch my first world cup ever. We roasted the first day not expecting it to be quite so bad. Luckily I knew of Brute and made my way directly to their stand. Our pale Mn skin was protected all throughout the weekend and it really saved our butts!

  • Jacob P.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Laura at the Brute tent at World Cup. I'm not usually a skin care kinda guy but I'm always using lip balm/chapstick. I can easily say the Brute chapstick is the best I've ever used. The wool five panel hat is also a game changer for traversing all these paintball events. Rain or shine, cold or hot, the Brute wool hats have you covered for anything.

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